Appreciative Inquiry

I am a leading practitioner of the internationally recognised Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach to organisational development and improvement.

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What is appreciative inquiry? …

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is different way of seeing and being in the world. It’s a fresh approach to organisational improvement and personal development, equipping people with a greater capacity for change, renewal and focused performance.

Why it works

  • The key feature of AI is its positive focus. It aims to harness good practice, creativity and positive thinking – to reaffirm people’s confidence and enthusiasm – and to use this to deliver long-term, sustainable improvements.
  • AI does not ignore past failures but encourages people to use their experiences to facilitate new ideas, change and progress. It focuses on solutions rather than problems.
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How It Works

AI is based on a five-step approach:

  • Define – specifying an issue, problem or opportunity to work on
  • Discover – identifying what works well in an organisation
  • Dream – envisioning an ideal future
  • Design – planning and prioritising different ways of doing things
  • Delivery – implementing the proposed design and making it happen

What Appreciative Inquiry Can Achieve

Appreciative Inquiry is uniquely well-suited to managing organisational change because of its ability to involve people at all levels, generate positive energy and boost morale quickly, as your people focus on what is already working well, what they have achieved, and the factors that motivate them to give of their best at work.

Appreciative Inquiry Training

I can provide a range of comprehensive training courses to suit your organisation. Whether you’re private or public sector, SME or large corporation, I can tailor the Appreciative Inquiry courses to your needs.

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Positive Engagement Events

A one or two-day Positive Engagement event provides a way to bring together diverse interested parties and to identify and celebrate what is already working well, collectively envision the desired future, and identify practical ways to get there in a way that raises energy and generates an impressive level of positive motivation to move forward.

For large scale open forum events, we can employ a graphic artist experienced in simultaneously translating verbal and written feedback into imagery and graphics to depict a shared vision.

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Engaging service users

Appreciative Inquiry

Teambuilding with Appreciative Inquiry

For your next team away day or team vision session, consider letting us facilitate a one-day Appreciative Inquiry event around your chosen topic.  

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You're in good company

Over the last 25 years I've worked with both public and private sector companies in a huge range of industries.

“Kate has an infectious passion for her subject, which is supported by an immense amount of knowledge and as importantly, great first-hand experience. The 2-day workshop I attended was informative, enjoyable and extremely practical, great value for money. In generous spirit Kate invited us to get involved in a real AI session, which perfected the learning experience for me.“

“I recently had the pleasure of attending an Appreciative Inquiry workshop facilitated by Kate. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew that I was in good hands. Kate’s warm and welcoming presence immediately put me at ease, and their clear and concise communication style made it easy to follow along with the material.”