Strength Based Coaching

Discover your unique strengths and unleash your full potential through Strength-Based Coaching. I use psychometric tools and provide expert support in interpreting results and maximising their impact on your professional and personal life. Empower yourself for success, resilience, and improved well-being.

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Strength-based psychometric assessments

I am licensed to use the Strengthscope™ and Strengths Profile™ psychometric assessment tools. Both tools help people to accurately discover their unique strengths in a memorable, practical way. Research shows that understanding our strengths can improve both physical and mental health and lead to a more diverse, empowered, resilient and agile workforce.

Both tools offer the opportunity for individual and group profiles and Strengthscope also offers Strengthscope360™ , a unique opportunity to obtain feedback from colleagues and others in a positive, strengths-based way.

I can facilitate the access and use of either of the tools and provide expert debriefing and coaching support in helping people to interpret the results and decide how to make best use of the findings in their professional and personal lives.

(NB, I suggest that you choose to use either Strengthscope or Strengths Profile rather than both. I am happy to advise on which assessment would best meet your needs.)