Kate designed and delivered a training module for Adult Social Care staff which has allowed us to respond effectively to the evolving Personalisation agenda. Kate’s inclusive approach was crucial in developing a meaningful programme when the national picture was not yet fully formed

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"Kate designed and delivered an outcome-based support planning training module for Adult Social Care staff for North Tyneside Council whilst I was the Personalisation lead for the Council. The course was delivered to senior managers within social work teams, social workers and support staff.

The agenda around outcome-based support planning is evolving at a local and national level. The commitment shown by Kate and her associate to provide a flexible, locally-centred training module resulted in added value beyond the remit of the training module.

The learning from this module has influenced other training developments for staff teams and this would not have been possible without the influencing skills Kate brought to the project.

Overall the approach from Kate was one of inclusivity and partnership working, with the Council being involved at all stages of development and delivery. This was crucial in developing a training programme whilst the agenda was still embryonic.

As the lead for Personalisation at the time of commissioning the training I found Kate’s professionalism, knowledge of the wider agenda and understanding of the needs of the Council to be the three key areas which contributed to successful delivery."

Simon Mawhinney
Head of Performance and Information
North Yorkshire and York Community and Mental Health Services

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