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Kate is a leading practitioner of the internationally recognised Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach to organisational development and improvement.

AI is a holistic lens that focuses on change doing more of what is already working, rather than focusing on fixing problems. It mobilises strategic change by focusing on the core strengths and then using those strengths to reshape the future – it is a solution based process. AI is both a high participation learning process to identify and disseminate best practices, and a way of managing and working that fosters positive communication and cooperation.

She is co-founder of Positive Engagement. Through working with other skilled consultants (who have pooled their expertise across the business, public, voluntary and academic sectors to create a dynamic and versatile team dedicated to Appreciative Inquiry) this external website is where Kate works solely in terms of AI and offers bespoke and dedicated AI training, either in-house or via bi-annual external courses.

Melding her AI work and management consultancy experience enables Kate to fully utilise Appreciative Inquiry at the strategic planning stage and ensures that all opportunities for favourable outcomes are explored. AI’s positive focus aims to harness good practice, creativity and positive thinking, reaffirming people’s confidence and enthusiasm and delivering long-term, sustainable improvements.

Kate and her associates have delivered AI training for a range of clients including Southampton City Council, Harrogate College, the Surrey-Sussex Probation Trust and a range of other public and private sector bodies.