Appreciative Inquiry Training

I can provide a range of training on Appreciative Inquiry, tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

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AI Training Courses

I much prefer to deliver AI training face to face rather than online. My training courses are very interactive and people can immerse themselves in the learning experience, meet with like-minded individuals and learn from one another.

However, I am happy to discuss on-line training options if required.

I offer three main courses around Appreciative Inquiry, here’s a summary of each.

For Beginners

Practical Introduction

This 1-day course for up to 20 delegates provides a comprehensive introduction to using Appreciative Inquiry with organisations and teams. Participants will gain everything they need to be able to start using Appreciative Inquiry straight away.

  • Why Appreciative Inquiry?
  • The 3 assumptions underpinning AI
  • Using the ‘5-D’ model for positive change
  • Secrets of successful appreciative interviews
  • Experiencing a practical, hands-on Appreciative Inquiry session around your chosen topics
  • Suggested formats for implementing Appreciative Inquiry projects

To give the maximum benefit, the training focuses on the practical use of AI, rather than the theory. The handouts include more in-depth coverage of AI principles and pointers for further study for those participants who wish to deepen their theoretical knowledge.

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Master Class

Appreciative Inquiry

This 1-day Master Class is designed for participants who have completed the Practical Introduction course and would like to develop their skills and experience. In other organisations that we have worked with, participants have volunteered to be ‘AI Champions’ for their organisation, helping to embed a new strengths-based culture. Delegates will also take part in a short Appreciative Inquiry aiming to:

  • Draw on their knowledge and experience.
  • Act as a refresher on the 5-D model and how to use AI in practice.

This course will give participants an opportunity to review learnings from the Introductory course, discuss the practical implications of helping to implement this new approach, and understand more about the theory underpinning strengths-based approaches such as AI.

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Master Class

Using AI for Coaching and Mentoring

This 1-day Master Class will introduce delegates to the benefits of using an AI-based approach to coaching. AI is a process that looks at life through a strengths lens and when we use our strengths, we are more engaged in what we’re doing (Flow), often much happier and almost always more productive. AI-based coaching helps people to develop an idea or vision of where they want to be, to get a view of their ideal future and to create goals and action plans in order to move toward their preferred way of living or being.

  • What coaching isn’t
  • Coaching using the AI model.
  • Preparing to coach
  • Definition – setting the scope for coaching.
  • Discovery – Finding what’s already working.
  • Dream –Vision for the future
  • Design – generating ideas and options to make it happen.
  • Delivery – Making it happen.

As with all of our courses, participants will have plenty of time to practice and to share thoughts and ideas during the course of the day.

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