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Kate is an accomplished trainer and facilitator with extensive experience delivering training linked to service improvement, value for money and organisational change.

Programmes are tailored to client’s specific needs and Kate’s philosophy is informed by a range of compatible approaches including Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology and NLP. Kate specialises in delivering practical and user-friendly training which delivers measurable results straight away.

Recognising that learning is most effective when participants are fully engaged, Kate’s lively and involving courses keep ‘chalk and talk’ to a minimum and eschew stress-inducing ‘role-play’.

As a training consultant Kate uses a variety of methods to cater for every learning style including demonstrations, small-group discussions, intrapersonal exercises and plenty of hands-on practice working with real issues chosen by participants.

The success of Kate’s approach as a trainer and facilitator is reflected in the consistently excellent feedback she receives from a wide range of organisations in the public and voluntary sectors.

Kate’s most recent training has been focused around Appreciative Inquiry. The key feature of AI is its positive focus. It discovers existing good practice, strengths and creativity, reaffirming people’s confidence and enthusiasm, and builds on this foundation to deliver long-term, sustainable improvements. AI doesn’t focus on changing people. Instead, it focuses on what’s good about their work, creating a positive, energised state which means they are far more likely to want change and pursue it. It is rapidly gaining popularity in all sectors and Kate provides expert and bespoke training in the field.

Positive Engagement